To help students start their year properly, the Concordia Student Union, an association that protects students' rights. (CSU) decides on a theme for the student agenda, produces it, and distributes it to more than 40 000 Concordia students. Our goal was to design a minimalistic and sustainable student agenda that will attract students while helping them to be organized throughout the school year.

Our agenda is 100% recyclable and comes with a two-step guide that informs the user on how to dispose of their agenda properly. The cover is made out of 17pts Kraft paper while the inside pages are Enviro100 paper material allowing the user to recycle it. The agenda also contains important information about the Concordia Student Union and its services, campus resources, and maps that students can refer to. To make it more student friendly, a Climate Change poetry contest was held and the CSU selected 12 winners that were featured in the agenda. The designers then had to come up with 12 illustrations (two every two months) that portrays the student’s vision in the poem.